The owl and the owlet

To be able to see both our smallest and largest nocturnal birds on the same day is a real treat.

This Australian Owlet-nightjar was spotted on Saturday morning in the Mia Mia, while the pair of Powerful Owls were found roosting later that day in their usual abode along the Loddon. The rictal bristles on the owlet are quite impressive close-up.


Australian Owlet-nightjar, Mia Mia Track, 21st May 2016






Male Powerful Owl, Loddon River @ Newstead, 21st May 2016




Female Powerful Owl

3 responses to “The owl and the owlet

  1. Heather Freemantle

    Magnificent birds. You are so lucky to see these and take great shots.

  2. My favourite – the Owlet-nightjar. Great shots of this one and the Powerful owls Geoff.

  3. Quite a contrast!

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