Chough encounter

by Patrick Kavanagh

I was foraging under some logs looking for some invertebrates to photograph and heard the sound of these White-winged Choughs Corcorax melanorhamphos just a couple of metres from me. I started flicking leaf litter around with a stick and they were content to let me move amongst them as they started foraging on the ground. Good shots were hard to get even though I was very close as they move quickly and there were often grasses, sticks and shrubs in the way. After a while they settled on a branch in one of those cuddly Chough conclaves and watched bemused as I took photos and made strange noises so that they’d all look at the camera. Such entertaining birds to watch.

White-winged Chough a_16-05-21_8

White-winged Chough foraging, Strangways, 21st May 2016

White-winged Chough a_16-05-21_16 crop


White-winged Chough a_16-05-21_31 crop


White-winged Chough a_16-05-21_51 crop


White-winged Chough a_16-05-21_27 crop


5 responses to “Chough encounter

  1. Chris Johnston

    Wonderful snaps. Choughs at my place are obsessed with white, hard objects and love tapping them on hard, resonant objects – empty cardboard boxes, upside down metal buckets etc. On one occasion a bone was being tapped on my car windscreen!

  2. Is this my best angle? You will probably receive an invoice from their agency soon. Such show offs. Nice shots.

  3. I’m still recovering from what magpies did to Cats

  4. Dear Chris,
    I am an email subscriber and get your updates regularly. Viewing your pictures has given me great pleasure and enhanced my knowledge of Australian environment. I just wanted to send you a thank you note
    James Sen Gupta

  5. Celia M. Browne

    So that’s where all my choughs have gone! Celia of Clydesdale

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