Red spot, yellow spot …

I had a lovely encounter with a ‘pair’ of Striated Pardalotes today in the Mia Mia. The birds were feeding and displaying in a sapling Yellow Box – it was only when I looked at the images later on the computer that my interest was elevated. One of the birds was the local race, ssp. substriatus – they sport a distinctive red wing-spot. Its partner however had a yellow wing-spot, indicating that it’s from a different race, ssp. striatus. This feature is characteristic of Tasmanian birds which migrate to the mainland during autumn.

Imagine for a moment such a tiny bird making the twice-yearly passage across Bass Strait – my admiration knows no bounds! The ‘red-spots’ on the other hand are apparently ‘stay-at-homes’ in the box-ironbark.


Striated Pardalote, race substriatus, Mia Mia Track area, 15th May 2016






Striated Pardalote – race striatus




Red wing-spot on display


It pays to have a close look!

3 responses to “Red spot, yellow spot …

  1. Thank you Geoff, learnt something new today. Beautiful pics .

  2. Such gorgeous little birds and so resilent thanks Geoff

  3. thats just remarkable, can’t imagine those tiny little frames managing the winds let alone predators as they make that voyage.
    wonderful snippet of avian info thanks geoff

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