Almost famous

Participants on one of our regular bird photography courses will recognise this location – with or without the Australian Owlet-nightjar at home.

A visit yesterday afternoon to the Rise and Shine revealed this little beauty to be in residence – facing west to glean the last rays of a fading afternoon sun – which of course ducked behind the cloud as the camera came out!


Australian Owlet-nightjar, Rise and Shine, 4th May 2016

The Rise and Shine has some nice alluvial drainage lines, dominated by Yellow Box, River Red-gum and one of my favourite trees, Long-leaved Box. Maligned by wood cutters, and dare I say some foresters, this species is excellent for wildlife – larger specimens produce a diversity of hollows and the dark foliage provides shade and protection. The owlet was in a smaller box-tree (visible to the right of the large tree pictured below).


Long-leaved Box, Rise and Shine, 4th May 2016


What a beauty!


Yellow Box in the drainage line

4 responses to “Almost famous

  1. That is SO good. Well spotted, beautifully posed! Well done both.

  2. Geoff Excellent photos. They show the importance of nesting hollows for native birds and other animals.

  3. Chris Johnston

    Fabulous photos – what a beauty!

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