Swifties by the river

Apologies in advance for the quality of these images, but when it comes to Swift Parrots any image is a bonus!

A flock of about a dozen birds, including some immature individuals, were spotted on the Loddon River at Newstead last evening. Just on dusk we came across them feeding in River Red-gum and Black Wattle (planted by Newstead Landcare in 1996!) beside the dry river bed. I’d never seen them feeding in Black Wattle previously but at least one bird was seen to be gleaning food from the phyllodes of the wattle while others were apparently feeding on red gum lerp. Great to have them back in the district after they attended to important breeding matters in Tasmania last summer. With less than 1000 pairs left on earth what a privilege it is to see a small flock – almost 1% of the entire world population!


Swift Parrot in Black Wattle, Loddon River @ Newstead, 20th April 2016


Three birds in River Red-gum


Five from the flock of about a dozen … disappearing at speed into the autumn dusk!

4 responses to “Swifties by the river

  1. I’ve only seen these once before, so thanks very much.

  2. It’s great to have the images, look at the one in the tree up close and you get a better view! Lovely!

  3. What a treat!!

  4. Great Geoff – at last! More Musk Lorikeets in Green Gully – seen on my block last night near dusk – pretty sure I now know that muskies have red cheeks and cap, and a yellowish band that shows near wing edge – but gosh they are hard to see diving in and out of a tall flowering Yellow Gum and then into a Grey Box! You’d think they’d pause for a moment!

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