Garden regulars

As the cooler months approach some reliable garden visitors contribute some colour and movement. The next few posts will feature some of the species that can be found in Newstead gardens over winter.


Eastern Spinebill (adult), Newstead, 9th April 2016


Female Spotted Pardalote




Eastern Spinebill descending to the bird bath

2 responses to “Garden regulars

  1. Lon Eisenweger

    Thought you might like to hear of an interesting visitor to my garden in Daylesford. Wondered what all the racket was among the cockies who are at present demolishing my oak tree. Sitting in the tree, perched on one leg a magnificient White Goshawk. He or she spent most of the morning in the garden. Some years ago I often saw a pair on a property in Blampied. Wonder if this is one of themvor a chick as from a birds viewpoint Blampied is only over the next rise.

    • Hi Lon – thats a great observation – they are a magnificent bird. They occasionally appear further north in central Victoria but I’ve yet to spot one in Newstead … send it over for a visit!
      Cheers, geoff

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