Spotted in the garden

Some nice visitors to the garden over recent days – Spotted Pardalotes have been surprisingly quiet since a breeding bout in early Spring – Crimson Rosellas visit numerous times each day with immatures outnumbering adults by far.


Male Spotted Pardalote, Wyndham Street Newstead, 3rd April 2016






Female Spotted Pardalote at the bird bath


Crimson Rosella (immature) feeding on privet fruits



5 responses to “Spotted in the garden

  1. Lovely shots of the Spotted, they are one of my favorites. I notice at my place at Yandoit the Striated are looking at breeding in the place where the spotteds raised their brood earlier in the season.

  2. Helen Wakefield

    Hello Geoff

    My new email address is helwake@gmail

    I am unable to access the previous Hotmail one. It has been cancelled.

    Please amend your records because I value your contact.


    Helen Wakefield


  3. G’day Geoff, great pics of the Spotted ones.
    Until today I hadn’t realised how gregarious they are – I have usually seen them in pairs. As we know it was a great day to be out – I was taking a breather from some garden chores, when 1/2 doz turned up.
    I think I mentioned previously that there had been a pair that had bred under the eaves of the verandah, a couple of years back. A couple were checking out further down the verandah for a nesting spot, others were just sat watching and twittering. Even if I had a decent camera, they would have flown off, in my trying to get it… oh well, still an enjoyable moment.

  4. I wish I had spotted pardelotes in the garden. However the brown and singing honeyeaters are great to watch – though not as colourful.

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