‘Hoodies’ at the pool

I captured this sequence in a special few moments with a pair of Hooded Robins at the pool near Mia Mia Track.

The robins were wary as always, the female less so as it approached to within a couple of metres as I sat motionless nearby. Only the female was observed to drink, the male keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. Competition from a cavalcade of noisy and aggressive honeyeaters made it hard to slake the thirst!


Female Hooded Robin, Mia Mia Track, 1st April 2016




Male Hooded Robin




The female on the alert


The female drifted in to take drink in a moment when the honeyeaters weren’t dominating


Not happy!

5 responses to “‘Hoodies’ at the pool

  1. Cathy McCallum

    Your patience nearly always pays off Geoff! So little water for the birds!

  2. Kathy Skidmore

    Speaking of birds, and water…some friends of mine and I observed a bird on the Yariambiack creek in Warracknabeal 2 days ago, but we couldn’t identify it. It was the size of a shelduck, but almost totally black except for a white “blaze” on its upper chest/neck area. Black beak, black feet. Maybe some slight colouring on its wings, but hard to see as we only saw it on the water. It seemed to be alone, and was clearly larger than the black ducks and wood ducks that were also there. Looked in three different bird books, with no luck at all. Interested to hear whether you’ve got any clues about this.

    • Hi Kathy – a few questions … was it a duck shape or different? What was the shape and size of the bill? How was it behaving … was it diving for example?

      • Kathy Skidmore

        Definite duck shape…the bill was a “normal” duck bill, but not excessively large or notably different. It wasn’t diving, but was just floating about with the other ducks. As I said, it was shelduck size, but the markings were significantly different. We speculated that it might be a juvenile, or a hybrid domestic duck…it was about the same size, or slightly larger than the classic domestic duck. However, there was nothing we could pin even closely and one of my friends is a seasoned birder who was also perplexed, which is why I’ve emailed you.

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