A little autumn colour

These shots from the Mia Mia are a bit dated … they have been waiting in the queue since last weekend.

The area between Mia Mia Track and Bell’s Lane Track is proving terrific for birds at the moment – this evening under a dull sky I got Golden Whistler, Crested Shrike-tit and a pair of Hooded Robins along with the usual assortment of honeyeaters.


Brown Falcon, Mia Mia Track, 25th March 2016


Restless Flycatcher






White-throated Treecreeper





3 responses to “A little autumn colour

  1. Hi Geoff,

    That restless flycatcher seemed particularly Buffy around the lower neck and breast – is this an age thing?

    All the best, James Mustafa

    0400 951 517 http://www.jamesmustafajazzorchestra.com http://www.jamesmustafabirding.blogspot.com.au


    • Hi James – yes, the buff on this one is very rich … was captured in nice low afternoon sunshine which may explain. Not aware if there is an age factor.
      All the best, geoff

  2. Beautiful pics as ever Geoff

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