If you go out into the woods today …

… you are almost certain to see one of these – a Yellow-footed Antechinus.

That is if you visit the Muckleford State Forest, find a spot with lots of fallen wood and abundant ground level hollows … and sit patiently for a few minutes. These wonderful little marsupial mice are very active in the autumn and can be readily seen in the forest. This one was using a cut stump as both a hiding place and lookout post. I enjoyed a good fifteen minutes observing it before it bounded off to hunt.


Yellow-footed Antechinus, Mia Mia Track, 29th March 2016









8 responses to “If you go out into the woods today …

  1. Astounding – what personality

  2. Love these antechinus pics Geoff.

  3. Felicity Johnson

    We caught one of these gorgeous animals in an Elliot trap today in the Muckleford forest while tuan trapping!

  4. Superb shots Geoff. I’m envious – we get Agile Antechinus here at Ashbourne, and they’re much more cryptic. Might be useful to call them marsupial carnivores or somesuch, rather than marsupial mice.

  5. What a treat to see this marvellous and intense carnivorous marsupial up close, in these brilliant photographs.

  6. Good Morning, After having a little issue with Antechinus in my house, I wrote my own story and used one of your delightful photos, crediting you of course. You can read my story here … https://beachbushbeyond.com/antechinus-attack/ … Thanks a million, Cheers Nik 😉

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