A sense of danger

Birds, and other animals for that matter, are always on the alert to potential danger. Last weekend I had a very close encounter with a European Red Fox, nearby the waterhole I’ve been visiting in the Rise and Shine.

Foxes are extremely cunning, wary and dare I say it … beautiful animals. This fox appeared in my peripheral vision a few moments before it spotted me sitting quiet and motionless near the waterhole. I suspect it was treading a well-worn path in search of prey – this tiny water source has attracted a constant stream of ‘fox tucker’ since it was created by the last rain event. The fox was unperturbed, merely looking at this curious stranger, before trotting off on its rounds. Moments later the birds resumed their visits.


European Red Fox, Rise and Shine, 14th March 2016








Common Bronzewing


White-winged Chough




Willie Wagtail

2 responses to “A sense of danger

  1. gj.weiss@bigpond.com

    Hi Geoff just wanted to say a big thank you for the photo workshop. Lots of ideas came out of it! Love your fox photos. I adore these animals, although most Australians hate them. Not really their fault that they ended up in downunder :). Is that near the waterhole where you took us in the afternoon outing on the workshop day? Hope to catch up again one of those days George Hepburn Springs


  2. Yes you have caught the essence of these unfortunate creatures, Geoff.
    Those eye’s are amazing – he doesn’t look very old, or particularly well fed, but yes, unfortunately it would seem he’s on to a good source of tucker here.
    Particularly seeing we have had the summer, we have had.

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