Mirror, mirror

The lure of water is enough to convince even shy and wary species to take a chance. The three species pictured below are notoriously reticent when there is a photographer around – but with luck, patience and stillness they’ll eventually cooperate and reward you with some unforgettable experiences.


Immature Crimson Rosella, Rise and Shine, 14th March 2016




Diamond Firetail pair – the male has a slightly broader waist band


Male Diamond Firetail


Dusky Woodswallow



For the record, I was about six metres from the birds on this occasion.

8 responses to “Mirror, mirror

  1. Geoff I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog !!! Fantastic photos and comments. Thanks so much for satdy workshop too

  2. Wonderful! What a way to spend time!

  3. Thanks for the amazing photos Geoff – it is so nice to see a comparison of the male and female Diamond Firetails. I did not know about their chest bands!

  4. Fancy getting 4 firetails in the one frame. Well done!

  5. John from The Otways.

    Who’s the fairest of them all—I love your captions, Geoff.
    I think I would have to vote for the pair of Diamond Firetails sitting side by side.

  6. John from The Otways.

    Who’s the fairest of them all——I love your captions , Geoff. My vote goes to the pair of Diamond Fire-tails, sitting side by side

  7. I’m enjoying your recent posts immensely, Geoff. I’m gradually learning to ID more birds… many thanks

  8. T. Fratta & M. Dalton

    Hi Geoff

    Just to check that I haven’t dropped of your email list for Natural Newstead? I haven’t had an email from you for a couple of days, perhaps you are away or have IT issues??

    Hope all is OK with you, I really love your daily news posts and look forward to them, they are a delight!

    Cheers Tina Fratta

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