Mia Mia morning mixture

The following shots having been waiting since last weekend to appear. This pair of Hooded Robins was seen in the same place that I’ve been observing Red-capped and Scarlet Robins in recent weeks. It’s quite a hot spot it seems. It was while watching a group of pardalotes in the canopy that a lone White-throated  Needletail cruised over. A species that is commonly associated with storm fronts, there was not a cloud in the sky for this maverick.


Hooded Robin pair, Mia Mia Track, 5th March 2016


Male Hooded Robin


Female Hooded Robin


Striated Pardalote


White-throated Needletail

3 responses to “Mia Mia morning mixture

  1. Every bird – except the needletail – seems to me to have an expectant look about them. But the needletail is out about its business!

  2. I used to have a hooded robin pair at Yandoit but I haven’t seen them in years : (

  3. I love the wingshape of the Needletail!

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