Little little Eagle

This juvenile Little Eagle has been resident in the Mia Mia over the past few weeks – an adult pair has bred successfully in the area over a number of years, so it’s great to see another youngster around to keep rabbit numbers in check.


Little Eagle (juvenile), Mia Mia Track, 6th March 2016






Little Eagle with windmill bokeh!

4 responses to “Little little Eagle

  1. A fine young bird – boy or girl? How, where and when will it find a mate?

  2. Cathy McCallum

    A very photogenic bird. I have seen them in flight over a property along the Loddon River in Baringhup.

  3. Bernie McRitchie

    That picture, with the windmill behind it…. is stunning!

  4. T. Fratta & M. Dalton

    Hi Geoff

    Still missing my daily emails from Natural Newstead ??

    Cheers Tina

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