Ducks in March

I’ve often been reminded by my family that March was the season for ducks … an unkind (but true) reference to my cricket career and finals performance!

It’s been interesting over recent days to see a number of duck species using the small bush dams sprinkled in and around the Muckleford bush. A recent deluge has at least partially filled the dams and the ducks have arrived. While Grey Teal, Black Duck and Wood Duck are often around, it’s unusual to come across Chestnut Teal – a glorious sight. Let’s hope they have better fortune over coming weeks than I did at the crease!


Pacific Black Duck, Mia Mia Road, 2nd March 2016


Chestnut Teal, Bell’s Lane Track, 1st March 2016




Grey Teal (with Australasian Grebe in foreground), South German Track, 1st March 2016




Wood Duck, Weedon Track, 2nd March 2016

One response to “Ducks in March

  1. Marlene Lyell

    A bit envious of the ‘deluge’ Geoff. We’ve haven’t had a drop in Axedale since the end of January. Most of the dams around here have dried up completely although ours still has a little water remaining.

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