Come and find the ‘feathered five’ in March

The inaugural Connecting Country Feathered Five Festival is a celebration of woodland birds and their habitat with two days of birdwatching, activities and talks over the weekend of 19-20 March.

The feathered five – Hooded Robin, Diamond Firetail, Painted Button-quail, Jacky Winter and Brown Treecreeper, are local woodland birds that are emblematic of the challenges faced by woodland bird species across Australia. Loss of habitat quality, excessive macrod grazing, understorey decline and predation from foxes and cats have all contributed to a decline in distribution and abundance of the ‘feathered five’ and their counterparts.

This fantastic first festival will feature a free Saturday Evening Forum on the 19th of March in Campbells Creek, bird walks and tours. A highlight will be and after dinner discussion with Professor Andrew Bennett, from Latrobe University and the Arthur Rylah Institute, and Phil Ingamells, from the VNPA, who will share their thoughts on the future of biodiversity in the area and tackle the topics of …“Drought then flooding rains; how do woodland birds respond to climatic change?” and “Collaborating on ten things we can all do to help nature adapt to a new climate”.

Feathered Five Festival Poster 2016

You can come to one event –or all of them but bookings are essential! Visit for more information and to book, or call Connecting Country on 5472 1594.

firetail1 geoff 18 jan

One my featured five favourites – Diamond Firetail at the Rise and Shine

One response to “Come and find the ‘feathered five’ in March

  1. Not replying to this post…just letting you know we had the privilege of having a Collared Sparrow hawk in one of our bird baths in the back yard…very lovely…spent about 10min having a lovely bath and drink before flying off…what a treat!!!

    Sandy and Lesley from Maldon

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