The gathering

I’ve been out to Spring Hill on recent evenings, the area just west of Mia Mia Track, in the hope of seeing some early Swift Parrots arriving. Grey Box is starting to flower well, so hopefully this will encourage the ‘swifties’ to linger this autumn. While I’ve dipped out with Swift Parrots I have witnessed a wonderful gathering of Rainbow Bee-eaters, perhaps fifty birds in total, hawking from perches between the gullies and ridge-lines.


Rainbow Bee-eaters, Spring Hill, 25th February 2016





This idyll was momentarily disturbed on Thursday evening – a Square-tailed Kite appeared suddenly over the canopy above me, sending rainbowbirds and honeyeaters scattering in all directions. Soon, like the Rainbow Bee-eaters, the kite will head north again. See you in October!


Square-tailed Kite



One response to “The gathering

  1. Beautiful photos as usual Geoff. Will the Rainbow Bee-aters be leaving soon?
    Kind regards,
    Richard Taylor

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