Spotted Harriers over Strangways

This is an exciting new sighting for our property at Strangways – a pair of Spotted Harriers, seen swooping together with legs dropped just above the canopy this morning.

By the time I’d grabbed the camera, one had disappeared, and I only managed a few hasty and not very good shots of the other. But enough to confirm what they were. I’ve included a distant shot to show the distinctive upper plumage.

This may be the pair sighted on the Mooloort Plains in past years (although more recently?).

spottedharrier1 spottedharrier2

3 responses to “Spotted Harriers over Strangways

  1. Fantastic sighting Andrew!

  2. They were drifting over your way Patrick 😉 Keep an eye out the next few days, they may be around again

  3. Nice observation Andrew – I haven’t seen one on the plains since November and apart from an observation at Sandon a few years back never encountered them over the forest. Well done!

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