Wedge-tailed Eagles compared

These images are a little dated – I took them near Picnic Point (Moolort Plains) on the last day of January this year.

They are a follow up to a story of an encounter with a juvenile ‘Wedgie’ at Yandoit around the same time. If you compare the birds in the two posts the contrast between adult and young birds is obvious. Adult Wedge-tailed Eagles are very dark, almost black – while juveniles, immatures and sub-adults sport lighter, golden plumage for up to 5 years.


Wedge-tailed Eagle (adult), Moolort Plains, 31st January 2016









One response to “Wedge-tailed Eagles compared

  1. Thank you for this. Anything else you can do to provide more information on the Wedge-Tail Eagle would be much appreciated by me. After all, we live within the boundaries of the Kulin Nation whose Creator Spirit is Bunjil the Wedge-Tail Eagle.

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