Finding some specials #2

My rich vein of form in the Mia Mia continues unabated.

This immature Red-capped Robin was a nice observation – an indication of successful local breeding from a species that is thinly spread throughout the Muckleford bush.


Red-capped Robin (immature), Mia Mia Track, 3rd February 2016

Australian Owlet-nightjars are supposed to be nocturnal – this one may have been disturbed as I passed nearby. They often sit at hollow openings throughout the day and I’ve frequently disturbed individuals of this species on my wanderings. This one was very cooperative, albeit a bit higher up than I would have preferred. Owlet nightjars are extremely common, but most of them see us I’m sure from their cryptic vantage points without being observed.


Australian Owlet-nightjar, Mia Mia track, 3rd February 2016







5 responses to “Finding some specials #2

  1. I have only ever seen faces or a bit more. Looks bigger than I expected.

  2. Morning Geoff, had a lovely time observing a parade of little birds yesterday at my birdbath, and saw both female and male scarlet robin visit and bathe. A few people said, can’t be scarlet robins at this time of year.They definitely were there as well as yellow robin, grey fantail,red rump finches, and others of the LGB variety I don’t know.

  3. Hi Erica – that’s a nice set. Scarlet robins are resident year round in central Vic so I believe you!
    Cheers, geoff

  4. Annmaree Smerdon

    Wow, another I’ve never seen. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Geoff! Good to know!

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