What I saw in the forest

The last day of January produced the goods – a short drive through the Muckleford bush was rewarded with some common and not so common sights. Dusky Woodswallows are busy looking after recently fledged youngsters and it seems to have been a productive season for Jacky Winters. I’ve seen ‘spotty’ juveniles in lots of places in recent weeks.

Lastly a small flock of White-throated Needletails appeared above me as I headed home. I’d seen a single bird in town the day before but this was the first multiple sighting for the summer. Unfortunately a dull sky and few gaps in the canopy made it difficult to capture more than some cursory shots.


Dusky Woodswallow (adult)


Dusky Woodswallow (juvenile), Mia Mia Road, 31st January 2016.


Dusky Woodswallows (adult at left, juvenile at right)




Juvenile Jacky Winter , Spring Hill Track, 31st January 2016.




White-throated Needletail, Spring Hill Track Muckleford State Forest, 31st January 2016.







4 responses to “What I saw in the forest

  1. Dear Geoff, I joined your email list some six months ago and am so very glad I did. I get such joy reading your words and viewing your marvellous photos. So much of what I, and I’m sure all of us are confronted with when we open our emails each day is difficult sometimes harrowing stuff, often a barrage of it. You bring hope, beauty and a vital reminder of the wonders that surround us here in central vic. A celebration of life. Thank you so much. Your emails are such a gift . Anna Read.


  2. Hear hear Anna – always love to stop by and see what you’ve been able to see

  3. Well said Anna, They little bits of joy make up a special part of my day and I do love to take the time to enjoy seeing and learning from the posts. Thanks to all contributors ❤

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