Eucalypt Tip-wilters

by Patrick Kavanagh

One group of insects around in good numbers at our place despite the dry season are the Eucalypt Tip-wilter bugs (Genus Amorbus). These insects suck fluid from eucalypt leaves, hence the name. We seem to have several stages of nymph development present simultaneously. I’m not sure if all of these instars are of the same species. The adult male has thick hind legs with spines. All of these insects were pretty relaxed about having a lens close to them, presumably as they trusted their capacity to produce noxious emissions to protect them if necessary. I recently learned that the bright colours on the back of the nymphs persist in the adult, but are hidden under the wings.

Tip-wilter adult fem Amorbus_16-01-30_2

Tip-wilter adult female Amorbus, Strangways, 30th January 2016

Tip-wilter adult male Amorbus_16-01-30_2

Tip-wilter adult male Amorbus sp.

Tip-wilter nymph - Amorbus sp_16-01-29_1 crop

Tip-wilter nymph – Amorbus sp.

Tip-wilter nymph - Amorbus sp_16-01-29_4 crop

Tip-wilter nymph – Amorbus sp.

Tip-wilter nymph Amorbus_16-01-30_1 crop

Tip-wilter nymph Amorbus sp.

Cicadellidae leafhoppers also suck sap from eucalypt leaves and although they are around this summer, they are much fewer in number.

Leafhopper cicadellid adult_16-01-30_2 crop

Cicadellid Leafhopper adult, Strangways, 30th January 2016

Leafhopper cicadellid nymph_16-01-30_4 crop

Cicadellid Leafhopper nymph

2 responses to “Eucalypt Tip-wilters

  1. Great pics!! I only recently ID’d a very buff looking tip wilter that I
    saw at my place last year. But these are much more colourful. Are these an endemic species?

  2. I’m pretty sure they are. We have them every year.

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