Watch out for the Muscleman

by Patrick Kavanagh

This summer has been a bit light on for invertebrates willing to pose for photos at our place. I assume that numbers are down due to the dry spring. Muscleman Tree Ants Podomyrma adelaidae however have been very active, pouring out of their nest in a Grey Box stem and foraging on the branches and foliage. The ants get their common name from their well-developed limbs.

Muscleman Tree Ant_16-01-23_23 crop

Muscleman Tree Ant, Strangways, 23rd January 2016

Muscleman Tree Ant_16-01-23_7 crop


Muscleman Tree Ant_16-01-23_18 crop


Muscleman Tree Ant_16-01-23_20 crop


One response to “Watch out for the Muscleman

  1. Wonderful photos Patrick! I noticed some of these beautiful and distinctive ants in forest near Glenluce – I took pics with my iPhone – ID purposes only! I had no idea their legs were big – it was the yellow spots that caught my eye. Thanks for the identification.

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