Travelling north

The Rainbow Bee-eaters have left their breeding grounds and starting to gather in preparation for the annual trip north. At this time of year you’re likely to come across small flocks in the bush, hawking for insects from high perches. They are family groups, often comprising a number of pairs of adults and juveniles – the products of a successful summer nesting effort. While not always, the groups tend to be seen heading in a roughly northerly direction. By autumn many of these birds will have traversed the continent to arrive in northern Australia or even New Guinea. The stragglers are gone from the Newstead area by the end of February. Safe travels!


Rainbow Bee-eater (adult), Mia Mia Road, 21st January 2016.


Adult and juvenile.


This juvenile was chasing insects on the ground


Juvenile Rainbowbirds are much duller than the adults and lack tail streamers.


Rainbow Bee-eaters, Mia Mia Track, 24th January 2016.

3 responses to “Travelling north

  1. Fantastic to see these again and lovely to catch up with you 2 yesterday 🙂

  2. Great pic of the juvenile Geoff. I

  3. Still in Green Gully as at 29/1 – interesting to track their arrival and departure

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