The brilliant parade

I spent a remarkable hour beside a small, drying dam in the Mia Mia last evening.


Bush dam, Mia Mia Track, 19th January 2016

Sitting quietly, I witnessed the following procession of birds and mammals. The need for water exceeded the fear created by my intrusion. A number didn’t pose for the camera – Grey-shrike-thrush, Black-chinned Honeyeater and Willie Wagtail from memory. The highlight was a family of Grey Currawongs – a wary species that can be notoriously difficult to photograph.

What a brilliant parade!


Common Bronzewing


White-winged Choughs




Juvenile Eastern Rosella


Eastern Yellow Robin


Grey Currawong


Eastern Grey Kangaroo


European Hare


Fuscous and Yellow-tufted Honeyeater


Brown-headed and Fuscous Honeyeaters


Peaceful Dove


Eastern Rosellas


Spotted Pardalote (juvenile)

10 responses to “The brilliant parade

  1. Wow! What next when the dam dries up?

  2. Really impressive. On our recent stay at Mansfield we took the dog and a couple of teenagers down to the dam to fossick about. I think on the trip this weekend I’ll sneak down to the dam and see what comes to drink without them!

  3. Great set of images Geoff. Wonderful to sit by any water and watch a parade like this. I have birdbaths that, whilst not getting any animals, the continual birdlife provide hours of enjoyment. An interesting observation from watching the birdbaths is, that after a lull in activity, the Brown-headed Honeyeaters are always the first to arrive. Their calls alert me to ‘get ready’ . I’ve photographed 33 species coming into the water so far.

  4. Great photos Geoff, unfortunately our dam is very close to dry too!

  5. Thanks Marlene – wow, 33 species, that’s impressive! Do you have any images on the web – I’d love to have a look at the collection.
    Cheers, geoff

  6. Beautiful. Thanks again for starting my day with joy. Helen. San Remo

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  8. Yes Geoff. Check Flickr: “Campaspebirdo” and under Albums you find “at the birdbaths”
    I hope you enjoy them

  9. Great selection of birds there, Geoff. The young Spotted Pardalote is a leggy thing haha. I was interested to see the Brown-headed in with the Fuscous… at my place they are always very nervous around any other HE’s. Maybe it is the fact they are grossly outnumbered! In fact, the Melithreptus trio I get seem to be WAY more flighty and wary than the main three Lichenostomus HE’s who will often land directly on the water point, whereas the others will regularly alight in the nearest Wattle and often fly off again without hitting the water before returning a few times and building up courage. Have you noticed any major differences between them all? Marlene, what a great selection and range you are attracting 🙂

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