A tough time for kids

I was slightly surprised last evening to find a family of Jacky Winters, the parents and two young, in the company of the Brown Treecreeper family that featured yesterday. The two juvenile flycatchers were quite different in appearance – it’s possible that one may have been from an earlier clutch.

Times are tough in the local bush – it’s drier and more desolate than I can recall, but I guess insectivores can still make a living from what’s on offer. I’m hoping for a wet autumn that might produce a ‘bounce back’ in diversity and abundance of woodland birds.


Juvenile Jacky Winter, Mia Mia Road, 18th January 2016.


Note the spotted underparts and striking on the neck and crown.


I think that’s an adult at left and an older juvenile at right.


Juvenile silhouette.

3 responses to “A tough time for kids

  1. I really delight in these emails. Have I clicked something wrong?mUnusually a week has gone by without your greetings. I hope it is because you are having a well deserved break. Patricia

    • Hi Patricia – not sure what has happened – you may need to resubscribe – thanks for the nice feedback
      Cheers, geoff

      • Patricia Prendergast

        Thank you Geoff. I have resubscribed and had congratulations and reassurance on doing so. Looking to continuing.


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