With most of the scientific names of Australian birds derived from Latin or Greek words, it’s great to come across one that recognises the language of indigenous Australians. Berigora is the Aboriginal name for the Brown Falcon Falco berigora, a common raptor of the plains country around Newstead. This individual allowed me within ten metres yesterday afternoon – it was using the fence line for perches from which to chase grasshoppers and was not that keen to move far in late afternoon heat. What a beautiful raptor!


Brown Falcon near Walker’s Swamp, Moolort Plains, 1st January 2016.









12 responses to “Berigora

  1. Great photos Geoff. Thanks very much

  2. As you say, Geoff, absolutely beautiful.

  3. Beautiful raptor and magnificent images. Excellent captures

  4. Setting the bar high from the very beginning Geoff, great shots.

  5. Great to see Geoff, they are the raptors of my youth, we always saw them in large numbers on the fence posts as we drove by and us kids used to play count the falcon games.
    The closeup portrait is a treat.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Reblogged this on Birds as Poetry and commented:
    Was going to post a few mediocre shots of our local Brown, but Geoff has given us all something to enjoy and to aim for.

  7. Stunning pics Geoff. The close up is mesmerising.
    What a start to the Birding New Year. Thank you.

  8. Wow. Those eyes!
    Fantastic, thanks Geoff.

  9. Lovely shots of a beautiful bird.

    • Thanks Jennie – just had a look at your website … it’s terrific. Would you be OK if I put a link to it from NN?
      Cheers, geoff

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