A Xmas treat


Rainbow Bee-eaters, Loddon River @ Newstead, 23rd December 2015.















10 responses to “A Xmas treat

  1. Worth the wait Geoff, perfect angle, great shadows. I see why you stake out these shots so diligently. Have a fabulous Christmas and I hope you can find bird related excuses to show us what’s going on inside Lachies shed next year. Swallows, an owl or a curious chough?

  2. Margaret Garrard

    Many thanks for the glorious daily Photos. Wishing you blue skies and many happy days for photography in 2016.

    Cheers Margaret Garrard

    Sent from my iPad


  3. An Xmas treat indeed – thank you Geoff for all your wonderful work and for sharing it with us. It is almost a daily treat to receive your posts. All the very best for 2016.
    pam connell

  4. Great shot Geoff. How do they manage to keep their Santa hats on? Thank you once again for lifting my spirits every morning. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas with family and friends. Helen. San Remo Vic.

  5. Clever YOU!

    Happy Christmas Geoff.

    Helen W


  6. It is hard to express the joy that your photography bring to us daily.
    Have a wonderful year of more exquisite photos.
    Anne van Gemert

  7. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful images Geoff. Have a wonderful Christmas and even more exquisite images in the New Year.

  8. Beautiful – they look like ancient Egyptian Ba birds.

  9. Merry Christmas Geoff, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your photos and blog. Karen

  10. Thank you Geoff for these photos which were enjoyed very much by everyone from two year olds upwards whilst I was staying with family in Launceston.

    Your posts give me endless pleasure and it’s wonderful to learn by following the daily activities of the birds as they respond to the changing seasons. Let’s hope that they can cope with the trying conditions this summer.

    Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you,

    Marion Dick

    Sent from my iPad

    Marion Dick


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