Red, green, blue

It’s been a productive breeding season for the local parrots, especially Crimson Rosellas, which are now feeding around town in small, mixed groups .

The contrasting colours of the adult of adults and immatures look fantastic against the drab summer backgrounds.

3 responses to “Red, green, blue

  1. Hi Geoff — have you had any feedback on the new layout of your email postings? (ie: thumbnails versus larger images). Lee reckons I’m being picky, but I prefer the earlier format, with the option to click on any images of particular interest. Navigation seems a bit less fluid now for a daily perusal of your blog site (ie more clicks). Maybe it’s a phone vs tablet or pc issue. If we ban phones, the world would be a better place, and we could have screen displays set up to my preferred specs. Or maybe I should just accept change!

    Love the postings — keep ’em coming. Double postings when you’re on leave, maybe? david

    • Hi David – I’ve had a couple of comments along the same lines as your so will give it some thought … perhaps mixing it up is the solution!
      Cheers, Geoff

  2. World class photography and commentary Geoff. Do you ever see Major Mitchells there like we have here at Tarcoola in the desert here in S.A. the most beautiful of all parrots

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