Not these little black ducks

Pacific Black Ducks, like many birds, are extremely wary of humans and other potential predators. As the Loddon shrinks to a series of barely connected pools, pairs of these ducks can be found at regular intervals along the river. Whenever they see me they usually disappear at great speed in a flurry of wings. Not so this pair, spotted last weekend downstream of the highway bridge. They must have a family of youngsters, judging by the nervous and wary demeanor of the parents, the ducklings presumably disappearing into a nearby rush bed upon my arrival.

It’s not only people to be worried about – a few minutes earlier I spotted this European Red Fox hunting among the riverside vegetation. Blind in one eye it still has potential to wreak havoc on the local wildlife.


European Red Fox on the Loddon

One response to “Not these little black ducks

  1. Geoff can you please email me at
    As I have a photo of a bird which I would like you to identify it was found by neighbour at their back door suffering from the heat 40+ here in Stanhope today.
    Taken inside, given water and feed and looks like it is on the mend before they are going to release it.
    George Gemmill

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