In a different country

Not far south of Newstead lies Yandoit, a village and locality that is deservedly famous for its beautiful hand-crafted stone houses. Following the frenzied gold rush that followed the discovery of gold in 1854, the area was settled by Swiss Italian immigrants who constructed many wonderful stone buildings in the manner of their homeland. The descendants of the original families remain a strong presence in the area today.

Compared to the box-ironbark landscape at Newstead, Yandoit feels like a different country, especially at this time of year. While at home the grass has dried off over a month ago, there is still a semblance of green at Yandoit, but the most striking contrast can be found in the shape of the landscape and the trees that cloth it. Steep, rounded volcanic cones retain tiny remnants of taller, moist-country eucalyptus, such as Candlebark Eucalyptus rubida, which appear quite suddenly as the soil and climate marks a shift to a different bioregion – from the Goldfields to the Central Victorian Uplands.

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