Getting mighty crowded

by Patrick Kavanagh

The White-winged Choughs that frequent our front yard have become very relaxed with us over recent months, allowing us to walk quite closely to them without sounding the alarm and heading off. Their sangfroid reached new heights on Sunday as they drank from and cooled themselves at one of our bird baths, content from my to approach to within two metres and get some up-close photos of their cheek-by-jowel water cooler chats. I felt for them, with their mouths agape trying to cool down.

4 responses to “Getting mighty crowded

  1. As you say, Geoff, keeping the birdbath full, pays dividends.
    Its some years since I left the NE of Vic, but still, occasionally call these ground foragers ’12 Apostles’, and people are always correcting me, they’re Choughs! I see now they are indeed, Choughs, but closely related to the Apostlebird, with similar habits… have you come across the Apostlebird locally?

    • Hi Brian – we don’t get Apostlebirds locally – the nearest populations are in NW Victoria or along the Murray River as far east as Wodonga.
      Cheers, geoff

  2. I wouldn’t make them too welcome! they are the bane of my gardening life and though trying to attract woodland birds, they have taken over. We have squadrons of them and call them the ‘choughwaffe’ and i’ve got a new collective noun – a clot of choughs !

  3. Love the ‘choughwaffe’. We call our choughs the hooligans as they hang out around the water dishes and chase off some of the other birds. They We walk down to gently tell them to move on and they strut off like disgruntled teenagers.

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