It depends on the angle

The Sacred Kingfisher is a bird of many subtly different hues and tones. These shots are of the same individual, keeping watch over its nest site on the Loddon. The tunnel has been used before – one of my Xmas traditions is attempting to photograph the adults as they feed the youngsters. I suspect the eggs are yet to hatch – the large, black cicada was gobbled up eagerly by the adult from its riverside perch.

2 responses to “It depends on the angle

  1. Do first-nesters build onto an existing hole in the bank or start from scratch? Do older pairs return to the same nest site? I presume they are monogamous. Do they compete with bee-eaters for nest sites?

  2. Hi Bruce – Sacred Kingfishers will excavate holes from scratch, but often use existing holes … common sense economics I guess! Kingfishers are typically monogamous and will return regularly to the same site – I’ve been watching this pair return to this site for 5 years now and assume they are the same birds but I cant be certain. There is competition fro nest sites and while I’ve never seen this between kingfishers and Rainbowbirds I’m sure it happens.
    Cheers, geoff

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