Kite comparison

The Moolort plains lived up to their reputation as a raptor hotspot again at the weekend. Brown Falcons, Nankeen Kestrels, Black-shouldered Kites and Wedge-tailed Eagles were all spotted in a one hour excursion. Also allowing nice views was a collection of kites, gathered in a paddock at Moolort itself, possibly chasing grasshoppers. It was a good chance to see the differences between Black and Whistling Kites at eye-level.


Whistling Kite, Moolort, 29th November 2015.


Black Kite – note the differences in colour and underwing pattern from the Whistling Kite.


Black Kite – this is a young bird … note the heavy streaking on the breast, crown and collar.


A young Whistling Kite – spotted upperparts and pale, streaked head.


Whistling Kite in regal repose.

One response to “Kite comparison

  1. Great shots and explanation for comparison.

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