Courage and persistence

This pair of Black-fronted Dotterels Elseyornis melanops have become well-known locally for their courageous nesting activities. Now onto a second clutch, after a failed first breeding effort earlier in the spring, we’ll keep our collective fingers crossed for success this time around.


Black-fronted Dotterel with two eggs, Newstead, 28th November 2015.









2 responses to “Courage and persistence

  1. My finders are crossed too Geoff for such delightful birds. Our wren families face threats each day even though they are nesting in a native garden just outside our living room in a secluded place. This morning around 5:45 a.m. a fox trotted down the garden path inches from the shrubs that shield the wrens.

  2. Sorry about the typo Geoff – ‘fingers crossed’ makes more sense.

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