A little Friday colour

Weather-wise its been a pretty ordinary week – gusty, hot northerlies flipped to bitterly cold southerlies yesterday. In the lull I managed a brief excursion along our street, where these rosellas provided the highlight. Hopefully the weekend will be more productive!


Crimson Rosella, Old Newstead Courthouse, 23rd November 2015.


Crimson x Eastern Rosella hybrid, Wyndham Street Newstead, 2015.


The red tips to the mantle feathers suggest a hybrid.

3 responses to “A little Friday colour

  1. Did the hybrid mate with a ‘pure’ crimson rosella this year? Would that be a likelihood?

  2. When demolishing the old house at24 Wyndham we disturbed a pair of rosellas nesting in the wall 1 eastern and 1 Lowry

  3. Yep! That’s them! Just been over at our place in Clarke Lane eating our pears!!


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