The young kite

I’ve been seeing a few young raptors over recent days, recently fledged birds from this breeding season. Many of these youngsters will remain with the parents over summer as they learn to hunt. This young Black-shouldered Kite was spotted ‘all on its lonesome’, near where Joyce’s Creek enters Cairn Curran. I first noticed it making some tentative hovering flights before it perched. I was then able to approach the bird to within a few metres as it alternated between looking curiously at me and searching for prey on the ground nearby. Young raptors are especially susceptible during the first few weeks after leaving the nest as they either acquire some survival skills, or perish.


Black-shouldered Kite (immature), Cairn Curran near Joyce’s Creek, 22nd November 2015.







One response to “The young kite

  1. lynette amaterstein

    We saw a couple near Beechworth last week. Handsome young bird.
    Thanks Geoff.

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