Bird’s eye view

by Patrick Kavanagh

A couple of Callistemons in our front yard have burst into flower and have become draw-cards for multitudes of invertebrates. Myriad native bees (Leaf-cutter bees Megachilidae I think), wasps large and small, beetles and an assassin bug, feasting on an unfortunate wasp. I think the large wasp may be of the Potter Wasp genus, Paralastor. I was impressed by the sangfroid of one of the bees as it foraged in close proximity to the assassin bug, but perhaps the bee knew the predator already had a mouthful. Further up the predator rankings, one of the Superb Fairy-wrens raising nestlings in our yard was reaping a harvest for his young.

Assassin Bug on Callistemon_15-11-15_6 crop

Assassin Bug on Callistemon, Strangways, 15th November 2015.

Bee & assassin on Callistemon_15-11-15_2 crop

Bee & Assassin Bug on Callistemon.

Bees on Callistemon_15-11-15_5 crop

Bees on Callistemon.

Large wasp on Callistemon_15-11-15_5 crop

Large wasp on Callistemon

multiples on Callistemon_15-11-15_1 crop

Mass gathering on Callistemon.

Superb Fairy-wren_15-11-15_1 v crop

Superb Fairy-wren.

2 responses to “Bird’s eye view

  1. Patrick, this is a fascinating post. You open our eyes to appreciate the insect world and your text is so informative.

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