Reed-warblers getting busy

I’m still chasing half-reasonable photographs of two regular Loddon River inhabitants, the Little Grassbird and the Australian (or Clamorous) Reed-warbler. Both species can be heard when you visit the Loddon River at Newstead – the grassbird is more cryptic than the reed-warbler – both usually only allow fleeting views as they dash about and hunt for food in the lush vegetation.


Australian Reed-warbler, Loddon River @ Newstead, 8th November 2015.

Last weekend I managed a few snaps of the reed-warblers with food – their nests are usually slung between stems of Cane-grass and Cumbungi. While I’m sure they eat large numbers of damselflies, I’ve not managed to catch them in the act before.







2 responses to “Reed-warblers getting busy

  1. lynette amaterstein

    it’s great to see them at work. Love the nest they build in the reeds. will be looking out for them at Beechworth this week. Great pic thank you Geoff.

  2. Another posting from the inimitable Geoff Park: hope it might relieve the tension in ans around Bxl for a wee moment en plus.


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