Watching Rainbowbirds procrastinate

I’ve been watching with interest the progress of our Rainbow Bee-eaters, to understand where they are at in the breeding cycle.

This pair, it appears, have not selected a nesting site yet. Earlier in the week I watched as both the male and female inspected a number of potential tunnels, as well even appearing to make some exploratory digging at new sites. Stay tuned!


Male Rainbow Bee-eater, Newstead Cemetery, 9th November 2015.









4 responses to “Watching Rainbowbirds procrastinate

  1. Hi Geoff. I went to the cemetery the other week on a hit and windy day. Unfortunately I was there in the middle of the day and couldn’t see any. I was looking at the bank which is clearly visible from inside the cemetery fence. Is that the best place to see them ? Also what is the best time of day ? I would love to see these birds.

  2. I was at Hermannsberg this Saturday and could see them flying around and calling out. Nice to know they are back home too.

  3. Yesterday a friend and I saw the rainbow bee eaters. One adult feeding what looked like a juvenile. I can understand the procrastination at choosing a nesting site as those burrows appear to be shared sites. As I was looking at the holes through my binoculars I saw a snake head poking out of one of them basking in the late afternoon sun. Once spotted it very quickly drew back from the opening.
    The bee eaters were a delight and kept us entertained for a good half hour.

  4. Heres our Edith Falls friend


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