At the Yellow Thornbills nest

by Patrick Kavanagh

I spent a delightful time watching (and photographing) some Yellow Thornbills Acanthiza nana feeding their nestlings in friends’ front yard in Clydesdale on the weekend. I was struck by the beauty of the nest as well as how poorly hidden it was and wondered how the little ones will go with predators and cuckoos. I am always amazed at the high frequency with which the adults of our small bush species return to the nest with beaks full of invertebrates for their young. In this case, Hoverflies appeared to be a staple, with the adults often bringing a brace of them to the nest. It highlights to me how the canopy of our forest teems with invertebrate life and how it would suffer greatly without our small birds.

Yellow Thornbill_15-11-08_1 crop

Yellow Thornbill attending nest, Clydesdale, 8th November 2015.

Yellow Thornbill_15-11-08_8 v crop


Yellow Thornbill_15-11-08_19 crop


Yellow Thornbill_15-11-08_16


Yellow Thornbill nest_15-11-08_1

What a gorgeous and intricate structure!

One response to “At the Yellow Thornbills nest

  1. Works of art by some gorgeous feathered artists. Good cooks too judging by the ingredients for dinner!

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