Pollinators paradise

by Patrick Kavanagh

The front yard is full of pollinating insects at present. I was very pleased to get some close up photos of a Plume Moth, as they are such striking looking insects. Bee Flies, Family Bombyliidae were cooperative sitters, but the very small native bees were very mobile and hard to catch. What most surprised me was the myriad of tiny insects in the heart of the Shiny Everlastings. Many of these arthropods are fueling the growth of the many nestling and fledgling birds currently being reared at our place, including the Striated Pardalotes now with young in one of our nest boxes.

Bee on Diggers Speedwell_15-11-01_3 crop

Bee on Diggers Speedwell, Strangways, 1st November 2015.

Fly on Diggers Speedwell_15-11-01_8 crop

Fly on Diggers Speedwell

Plume Moth_15-11-01_8 crop

Plume Moth on Shiny Everlasting.

Plume Moth_15-11-01_11 crop


Tiny insects on everlasting_15-11-01_2 crop

Tiny insects on everlasting

Striated Pardalote_15-11-02_1 crop

Striated Pardalote


One response to “Pollinators paradise

  1. Just amazing the tiny world you have shown!

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