Forest and stream dwellers

Sacred Kingfishers are one of the later spring migrants to arrive but its been pleasing to see them back in good numbers. Over the past week I’ve observed them in a number of familiar haunts – at a couple of locations on the Loddon close to town, at Green Gully and in the Mia Mia. While kingfishers are often associated with water, they will quite happily breed in forest and woodland habitat. That’s a pretty handy strategy with this year looking like it will be much drier than average.


Sacred Kingfisher pair, Loddon River @ Newstead, 23rd October 2015.


Sacred Kingfisher, Mia Mia Track, 23rd October 2015.



2 responses to “Forest and stream dwellers

  1. lynette amaterstein

    What beautiful colours they have. Always delighted to see the sacred kingfisher. Rescued one from a cat in a friend’s house once.

  2. One of the most magical moments I’ve seen was a parent sacred kingfisher teaching its baby to fish on the Murray as I was canoeing down the river…I watched for about 20 minutes as the parent would catch a small fish…smack it several times on the branch to stun the fish then drop it back into the water for the baby to retrieve it…absolutely breath taking!!! Keep the lovely photos coming…many thanks, Sandy McCormick and Lesley Bowe

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