Old faithful

This dead Grey Box will be well-known to regular readers. Each year since 2011 it has been home to a pair of breeding Nankeen Kestrels. The timing of breeding seems to vary quite a bit between years, in some cases incubation has been happening in late winter, while this year it appears to be much later. We’ll track their progress over coming weeks.


Female Nankeen Kestrel, Moolort Plains, 24th October 2015.






The nest tree features again in 2015.

2 responses to “Old faithful

  1. We stopped by for about an hour early in October and they were both in attendance. The male came in twice with food and she emerged from the opening on both occasions. She fed in the trees on the opposite side of the road. But didn’t seem in any particular hurry to return to the nest.

    Hope they have another successful season. I’ve not seen a pair be so consistent in one tree.

  2. Thanks David – that suggests an earlier (failed?) breeding attempt. The birds are not bringing food to the nest at the moment but stay tuned!
    Cheers, geoff

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