Pardalote action aplenty

by Patrick Kavanagh

It’s been a very busy time for the Striated Pardalotes Pardalotus striatus at our place, with quite a few breeding groups contesting the three nest boxes near our house. These shots are from an intense session of standoffs, calls, wing spreading, box checking and perch sitting. I hope at some point they settle who gets which box and get on with breeding as none seem to have got to the stage of raising nestlings yet.

Striated Pardalote_15-10-17_15 crop

Striated Pardalotes, Strangways, 17th October 2015.

Striated Pardalote_15-10-17_16 crop


Striated Pardalote_15-10-17_19 crop


Striated Pardalote_15-10-17_30


Striated Pardalote_15-10-17_34 crop


Striated Pardalote_15-10-17_39 crop


5 responses to “Pardalote action aplenty

  1. lynette amaterstein

    Love their colours, such beautiful birds. Thanks Geoff.

  2. Such pretty birds Geoff. Is the grey metallic thing a nesting box?

  3. Great pics Geoff, and also like your tube nesting box(s)..the yellow markings of the female are really striking.
    I have kept water up to our birdbath, but have been away for a few days, so have not seen if our pair from last year, have decided to take up residency again, this year, I hope they do.

  4. My apologies also, Patrick, I too addressed the post to Geoff, my apologies once again.

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