Square-tails return

Twice over the past week I’ve caught fleeting views of a Square-tailed Kite in the Mia Mia. On both occasions a single bird appeared just above the canopy, floating into view as it searched for prey, nestlings plucked from nests or their unwary parents. Red Wattlebirds are apparently a favourite meal. This rarely seen raptor is a spring migrant to our district, most likely travelling all the way from northern Australia to breed at Newstead.


Square-tailed Kite, Mia Mia Track Muckleford State Forest, 22nd October 2015.


A close up of a rare and beautiful raptor.


Male Red-rumped Parrot, Mia Mia Road, 22nd October 2015.


Feeding on Capeweed seeds.

2 responses to “Square-tails return

  1. Saw 3 of that ‘rare and beautiful bird’ between Kerang and Bendigo. Wondered what they are.

    Thanks again, Geoff

    Carol McDonough

  2. I’m sending them down your way!

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