What we don’t see

White-browed Woodswallows often come to ground in search of insects, and when they are gathering nesting material. When this male descended I assumed it was gathering twigs for a nest (note the wispy cobwebs around the head), until I noticed the tail end of an Ichneumon wasp protruding from the bill – the insect was promptly swallowed by the woodswallow. The wasp would have been well camouflaged against the pebbly ground but was no match for the vision of the bird.


Male White-browed Woodswallow, Plunkett’s Road Green Gully, 17th October 2015.


White-browed Woodswallow with wasp.





Another expert wasp-eater was snapped on the way home – perched in the fading afternoon sunshine.


Male Rainbow Bee-eater, Newstead Cemetery, 17th October 2015.

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