Admiring a ‘work of art’

I was pleased to share a walk this morning with my friend Ted, visiting from the Apple Isle. A jaunt to Spring Hill produced a bevy of birds – Red-capped Robins sparring with Scarlet Robins in an adjoining territory, Pallid Cuckoos incessantly mournful and numerous Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoos. The highlight though was the discovery of a pair of Mistletoebirds, putting the finishing touches on a beautifully woven nest in a broken-down Long-leaf Box. The nest of this species can only be described as a ‘work of art’ – a purse of cobwebs, eucalypt gum and even some spent wattle flowers, suspended delicately from a twig.


Female Mistletoebird with cobwebs for the nest (foreground right).


The wonderful nest of the Mistletoebird.


Recycling – another female dismantling an old nest – possibly that of a Black-chinned Honeyeater.


Female Mistletoebird, Spring Hill, 22nd October 2015.


Inspecting its handiwork.


I was too slow to capture the bird – here are the two defecated seeds, deposited moments earlier on a Grey Box twig.


Female Red-capped Robin.

A Square-tailed Kite floating lazily over the canopy as we departed for home was another great sight on a productive morning.

2 responses to “Admiring a ‘work of art’

  1. The Mistletoe nest is a mosaic wonder.

  2. Wow That nest is something else, I wouldn’t have realised it was for birds.

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