Hop-bush denizens

by Patrick Kavanagh

One of the Hop Bushes in the front yard has been heavily patronised by European Honeybees of late. I was pretty sure that if I looked carefully enough, I’d eventually find something more local and, to my eye, interesting. I found this very quiet little fly slowly and methodically browsing the flowers and was amazed by the pattern on its eyes.

Fly on Hop Bush_15-10-16_5 crop

Rhiniid fly on Hop-bush

Fly on Hop Bush_15-10-16_16 crop


Fly on Hop Bush_15-10-16_11 crop


Bowerbird identified it as a species of the Stomorhina genus, family Rhiniidae. I’ve been able to find out very little about this group of flies on the internet and would love any further information that anyone could provide.

5 responses to “Hop-bush denizens

  1. Would that be the Venetian hover fly?

    Ted Lefroy 0408 180 567 Centre for Environment University of Tasmania

  2. Stunning photos. Those eyes are truly amazing. I never knew they could change me in stripes like that.

  3. Great shots! These flies are great pollinators of a number of native & crop plants. The family was originally included as part of the blowfly family Calliphoridae, and have only been separated fairly recently.

  4. Fantastic photos Patrick. Love the aTTENTION TO THE TINIEST CREATURES THAT MODERN LENSes CAN BRING. Bringing respect to the insect world. good on you. Ian

  5. Is that a joke, Ted Lefroy? Named Venetian because it looks like it has venetian blinds over its eyes?

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