Of hoverflies and more …

by Patrick Kavanagh

With the start of the flowering of the Shiny Everlastings at our place, we have seen a surge in numbers of Black-headed Hoverflies Melangyna sp. carefully working their way around the centre of the daisies and getting covered in pollen. I think these are amongst the prettiest of insects. A few appeared to have significant dents in their compound eyes, but managed to navigate unimpaired. Also visiting the Everlastings was a single Small Metallic-banded Bee.

hoverfly stack crop

Hoverfly, Strangways, 16th October 2015.

Small Metallic-banded Bee_15-10-16_5 crop

Metallic-banded Bee

Hoverfly_15-10-11_51 crop


Hoverfly_15-10-11_44 crop

Hoverfly on everlasting.

We have a very sizeable crop of Shiny Everlastings in our front yard and spilling out through the bush on our property, all arising from seed we collected at Sandon some years ago and scattered around the yard. A great outcome for very little effort! The Black-headed Sugar Ants also seem very fond of them for a night-time feast.

sugar ant close up stack crop

Black-headed Sugar-ant.

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